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The Logic

The user will use a key to open a crate. Once opened, the crate will provide that user with a randomly generated prize. These prizes having varying probability of being awarded based on their monetary value. As an added element, the user will be able to purchase more expensive keys that improve their probability to win higher value prizes.

Furthermore, there will be a mechanic that allows users to collect “fragments” from the cases that will help build a separate and free key that they can use to open the crate.

The Story

Set into space in the near future, in the back of a spaceship these chests come up time to time where you can open the chest with different types of tier keys.
The higher the tier key the higher prize, within these chests are prizes and key fragments which allow you to build new tier keys for free.

Design and Mood

The Theme of the game is very futuristic, lights, tech and polished metals with LED that light up depending on the tier prize you are going to win.
Chests made up of metals and glass, Orb keys made up of light and a lit up environment that is in space.


Theme Mood Board

Futuristic – AI – Minimalist Machinery – LED lights

Keys Mood Board

Futuristic – AI – Minimalist Machinery – LED lights


Futuristic – AI – Minimalist Machinery – LED lights

Group 38.png


Futuristic – AI – Minimalist Machinery – LED lights

Group 39.png

General Storyboard

Group 467.png

Low-fidelity user interface

Group 457.png

First game sketches

Approved - Main Background and Crate

Mask Group 23.jpg

First Key Draft and approved keys

Group 60.png

Game Base Color and UI

Draft -  Color base and UI

Group 61.png

Approved -  Game base color

Group 62.png

Approved -  Crate and Keys

Winning Modals

Capturing the mood and style of the futuristic , AI machinery 


Winning Modals

Winning modals designs had to capture same style so we captured this by doing them very vibrant and with a technological futuristic style


Animation had to be simple, fast and at the same time elaborate to capture the feel and mood of the game 

Chest animation mood board


Final Animations


Game Sequence

Group 221.png

Game sound & effects

We tried to capture the feel and ambiance of a technological aura that the user will capture the mood of the game

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