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The Logic

A futuristic 5x3 video slot with expanding wilds with specific features:

When wild symbol hits in center it is locked and expand from top to bottom reel and substitutes any symbol for your win and it will re spin with wilds still locked and expanded. This feature trigger as well with the scatter symbol, If you get 3, 4, 5 free spins symbols regardless of the position 8, 10 or 12 free spins are rewarded, free spins will be played
in free spins bonus round. If scatter symbol comes in the middle that scatter is x2 scatters 

The Story

2 distinct teams, battle for the title in this modern cyberpunk era video slot,
to be named Team Vortex. Both teams have particular styles that go with the story which 1 team is based around adrenaline, neon style and the other is very futuristic slick metal style and powers.

Design and Mood

Cyberpunk, Adrenaline and Future

Theme Mood Board

Shooter – Minimal – Clear – Sharp



Shooter – Minimal – Clear – Sharp

Group 46.png


Shooter – Minimal – Clear – Sharp

General Storyboard

Group 47.png

Game Story and Profiles

Artboard – 6.jpg
Artboard – 7.jpg
Artboard – 8.jpg
Artboard – 9.jpg

Characters & Symbols Sketches

Main sketches for characters and symbols first versions

character drafts.png

Wild and scatter symbols variations and more in depth

Group 50.png
Mask Group 57.png

Symbols and main character first color pass

Group 52.jpg

Finalized Characters,

Symbols & Backgrounds

Group 57.png
Group 58.png

Game UI

The UI in this game needed to ne kept simple, since there is a lot going on with symbols and characters


Win Lines & Coins



Symbol Animations


Background Animations

Final Game & Sound

Finalizing the game with sound, we  captured the a dark but action style of cyberpunk that fits the brand well, with numerous sounds and effects the thrill of the game is in the center point of the action

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