Ashley Zarb -Creative direction on game concepts and mechanics

A comprehensive knowledge on leading the product strategy & developing game road maps, whilst setting vision for the user experience and designing,

defining and maintaining fun and immersive game-play mechanics, features and story



Game Director - Fans Unite - United States

• Structuring and building a highly effective team delivering premium games for the casino industry.
• Identifying product gaps, generating new ideas that will grow market share.
• Designing, defining and maintaining fun and immersive gameplay mechanics, features and story
• Working with a small multi-disciplinary team. Working closely with engineering, product, and business 
  departments to find elegant but practical solutions to design challenges.
• Planning, directing, and prioritizing product management activities based on business goals and objectives.
• Ensuring Math & Mechanics are well-balanced to meet the products
• Coordinate with other teams in the production process to ensure the result matches expectation.
• Lead design projects across the entire product lifecycle.
• Setting the vision for the user experience.
• Review Math models for the best pacing, balance & game performance.
• Analyse performance and create strategic and tactical plans for the team to execute on.
• Evaluate the scope of projects and negotiate compromises for delivery.


Creative direction on game concepts, mechanics & UI, Freelance Contracts


Head of Design, White Noise Gaming Ltd.


Head of Design - Europe Entertainment Ltd.


Game Art Director - Betsson Group

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